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Welcome to the Kings Pointe at Western Branch Condominium Community Website!
This Site is designed to be user friendly and provide access to the information you need concerning your community.
There are many things you can do on the site:
  • Contact the Association
  • Pay your assessment on line
  • Download forms
  • Review the minutes of recent meetings
  • Review current Financial data
  • Reference the Associations Governing Documents
  • See what events / meetings are upcoming
The site has two areas, Public which consists of information available to anyone, and Members section which has information available only to Owners within Kings Pointe at Western Branch.
To access the Member only information simply click Register on the upper left side of the page, complete the required information on the form and click submit.
Your login details will be emailed to the email address you provide once your account is approved by the administrator.

Please do not share your login information with anyone.  Each login is unique and we will set up a login for any owner who requests.  Sharing your login can result in revocation of your access to the secure area.
Having a secure area of the website allows the Association to provide members easier access to non-public information and the ability to communicate quicker to the entire community.  We hope each of you take the time to register, and enjoy the new website!

Board of Directors,
Kings Pointe at Western Branch Condominium Association, Inc.
Upcoming Events
Pressure Washing!
Monday, May 10th to Tuesday, May 11th, 7:00 - 5:00PM
Weather permitting, we are scheduled to pressure wash the siding on your home listed below on behalf of King's Pointe at Western Branch Condominiums in care of Property Management Associates.
QUADS: All siding to include storage sheds: Monday, May 10th, 2021*
FLATS: All siding, 1st floor concrete patios, Breezeways: Tuesday, May 11th, 2021
Pressure Washing:
Start Date: Monday, May 10th, 2021-- 8/9:00am -5:00pm
End Date: Tuesday, May 11th, 2021
*Job may extend into following day.
Important information to residents:
1.       Please have all windows & doors closed & latched on the scheduled washing day. *NOTE: Please make us aware of any maintenance issues involving your windows or doors not sealing (ex- sealing problems, cracks etc.)
*McKown is not responsible for any water intrusion due to doors or windows that do not have a proper seal.
2.       Please move all decorations, plants & personal belongings inside or away from buildings (items on doors, patios, balconies, lawn furniture etc.) that may become damaged from cleaning detergents. **McKown is cleaning the siding within your patio & balcony areas.
3.       Please unlock all gates so McKown has access to wash all areas of siding. *Note: Gates remaining locked will prevent the washing of your home.
4.       Coming into contact with our cleaning solution while we are washing or while areas are still wet will remove the coloring in your clothes & fabrics.
1st floors: Many doors do not have a tight seal at the bottom, water may flow in when we are washing the concrete. Please move all important items that could become damaged from water intrusion away from the door area. It is recommended to roll and place an old towel on the floor on the inside of the door if you are home if you’d like to take extra precaution.
6.       Please move all vehicles away from the areas being pressure washed. NOTE: Vehicles not moved may be affected by overspray, this will NOT harm any paint or the vehicle, it will only leave it spotty and in need of cleaning. McKown is NOT responsible for this issue if cars remain.
7.       Spider webs, cobwebs & wasps nests may or may not be removed with pressure washing.
8.       Gutters- the black streaks on the front of the gutters will not be removed with pressure washing alone, these streaks are caused from an electro static bond with dirt; however, the mold & mildew will be removed when they are washed.
9.       For the digital doorbells such as Ring, we ask that you cover them to avoid any water intrusion. McKown is not responsible for any water intrusion to these devices.
10.   Please advise McKown of any maintenance issues that could be affected by pressure washing. (ex- electrical outlets not in accordance with current code, malfunctioning wiring etc.) It is recommended to be covered prior to services. *McKown is not responsible for any water intrusion to preexisting maintenance issues not reported.
The above statements are to protect your personal belongings and home, if they are not followed McKown Pressure Wash, Painting & Contracting is not liable for any items that may become damaged.
McKown Pressure Wash, Painting & Contracting assumes no responsibility for damage to any items left outside during washing, including but not limited to: Door wreaths, door mats, plants, grills, balcony/deck/yard furniture. Additionally, McKown Pressure Wash, Painting & Contracting assumes no responsibility for interior items damaged due to windows left open.
Thank you for your cooperation in helping to make your community clean!

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